INERTIA7 (2016 - TODAY) is a social platform of open-source code & data science projects.

It features projects ranging from machine learning, to distributed computing, to data visualizations in a variety of programming languages.

It is built in Django (Python) & Bootstrap (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), and hosted on AWS EC2 and RDS. It has +30 contributors, +100 projects, +8000 users.

NAPSES (2012-2014)

Napses was a college-class project that turned into a real startup, at least for about a year. Co-founded along with my college roommates and friends Alex Knittel & William Dembinski, Napses was a web app that helped students get access to cheaper & higher-quality course readings for their college classes -- as opposed to bulky and expensive 'course readers'. The business model was developed iteratively after conducting over five-hundred customer development interviews using Steve Blank's lean startup model. Our model won third-place of the New Venture Competition at UCSB in 2013. The web app was built using pdf.js, backbone.js, and php's codeIgniter. After serving just shy of one-hundred paying users for a couple of academic quarters, we shut-down our operations because we needed to finish college.